Swim classes

are divided by ten stations. Each station works on a specific skill set that builds upon one another in ability. Starting with the most basic skill, blowing bubbles in the pool, swimmers advance from “roll over and float” to advanced Stroke School. Children are taught in small groups and move to higher skill stations as they achieve the advancement goals of their station. Each child is evaluated for the appropriate placement.

Swim School

is stations 1-6, offered to children ages 4 and older. Classes are 30 minutes each, with a 4:1 student coach ratio.

Stroke School

is for advanced swimmers in stations 7-10. Classes are 45 minutes each. Students must be evaluated before being enrolled in the stroke school class.

All classes take place at the Hanna Boys Center Pool located at 17500 Arnold Drive in Sonoma.

When you come to the intersection of Aqua Caliente Road and Arnold Drive, go through the main entrance of Hanna Boys Center. Drive around the sports field and take your first right to the pool area parking area.