SwimAmerica Sonoma

instructors are all highly trained and certified swim instructors; many are bilingual. If you are interested in joining our team of instructors and swim coaches please fill out our online application.

Swim Program Director: Arden Kremer

SwimAmerica Sonoma Program Director Arden Kremer has been teaching swimming in Sonoma Valley since 1994 when she joined with other local parents and formed Valley of the Moon Aquatics to promote swimming for safety, fitness and competition. A competitive swimmer in her youth, Arden helped run the Sonoma Valley Masters Swim Program in the 1980s and has participated is several open water swimming events, most recently, in the San Francisco Bay. Arden’s work with SwimAmerica Sonoma is driven by her belief that swimming is an empowering skill that all children should have the opportunity to learn and that it is truly a life or death necessity.


All SwimAmerica Sonoma instructors have received SwimAmerica training and are Red Cross CPR certified; many are veterans of the program. In addition to requisite certifications, three instructors are bi-lingual — helping SwimAmerica Sonoma extend the life saving skill of swimming to Valley’s Hispanic community. All of the instructors are extremely passionate about swimming and enjoy working with children.